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Officially established in January 2017 in the ancient capital city Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Huayang Oil & Gas Equipment Co.,Ltd. (HY Oil&Gas) positions itself as a supplier specialized in Oil&Gas equipment manufacturing and a provider of integrated oil services.

We have a team of 30 R&D personnel, 18 management staff, 20 domestic and overseas marketing specialists with the addition of 15 for after-sales service.Driven by the scientific-research and service-innovation-oriented target, we are capable of providing advanced equipment and reliable technical solutions. With years of accumulation, we have maintained cooperative health relationship with our clients. Our products have been adopted by major oil fields at home and abroad.

Now we are determined to exploit our products with competitive price to overseas market,so we strengthen our manufacturing standards, make sure every product we supply is high quality by implemented the ISO9001 and QA&QC system also conformed to API standards. 

HY Oil & Gas persists in the customer-focused service idea to satisfy customer needs, providing integrity and efficient package solutions for worldwide industrial manufacturers as well as timely, transparent and veritable procurement experience for customers. We are committed to become one of leading channel suppliers of oilfield equipment and reliable partners to clients in both domestic and overseas markets.

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products:including rigs, rig accessories, mud pumps and accessories, solid control equipment and accessories, wellhead tools, high-pressure manifolds


Email:hyoilgas@vip.sina.com hyoilgas_1@vip.sina.com

Address:NO. 138, Feng Cheng Nine Road, Economic and Development Zone

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