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Environmental Treatment of Waste Drilling Mud
source:admin time:2018-08-04
 1、 Popularization and Significance of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Mud Waste
The harmless treatment of drilling mud waste has always been a difficult problem for the development of drilling oil and natural gas in China. The composition of drilling mud waste is complex, and it is difficult to get the fundamental and effective harmless treatment. With the further improvement of national requirements for oil and gas, people's requirements for the environment are higher and higher. It is urgent to use more advanced and environmentally friendly mud treatment technology to completely solve the problem of waste mud.
2、 System Device and Process
3、 Equipment Renderings

4、 Main Configuration and Parameters of Equipment
1. Basic parameters

1) System Composition:
The mud treatment system is composed of 1 × circulating unit, 2 × dosing unit, 3 × pressure filtration unit and 4 × sewage treatment unit.
1. The circulating unit is divided into three mud silos, namely, vibrating screen silo, desanding silo and desliming silo;
2. the dosing unit is divided into reaction mixing tank and dosing device;
the filter press unit is a filter press and a belt conveyor for mud cake output;
4sewage treatment unit
2) Details of Equipment at All Levels

5、 Main Advantages of the Equipment
1. The equipment adopts modular and skid mounted design, which is convenient to dismantle and move, and can move with the drilling crew.
2. It realizes the treatment of no landing while drilling and adapts to the dispersion and fluidity of drilling operation. Not only the well site is clean, but also the environmental protection goal of "zero emission" is realized.
3. It solves the problems of secondary pollution and difficulty in re cultivation after the mud pit is occupied. It has brought quality improvement to environmental protection management of oil field drilling enterprises.

6、 Technical Index of Dquipment
The pressure filtration effect is good. The moisture content of mud cake produced by solid-liquid separation can be controlled within 30%, which is dry and hard. It can provide low-cost raw materials for brick factories and ceramsite factories, and it can also rebuild soil by microorganisms, realize the reuse of solid waste resources, and turn waste into treasure.
1. Technical indicators of water treatment
Primary treatment:
The water content of solid phase is 30-50%;
The pH value of the separated water is 6-9,
Cod is generally above 1000mg / L.
Secondary treatment:
Add special bacteria into solid phase to decompose crude oil and organic matter
Further reduce COD for the water separated from the primary stage,
COD value is generally above 400mg / L.
Tertiary treatment:
Advanced treatment of sewage, up to the national standard or local standard
Local sewage discharge requirements (COD ≤ 60mg / L)
Equipment and chemistry are used for treatment.


7、 Effect and Conclusion of Harmless Treatment of Drilling Mud Waste
It realizes the perfect combination of process technology and equipment, truly realizes the treatment of waste drilling mud while drilling without landing, which can make the drilling crew not need to dig mud pool, save resources and reduce costs. It solves the industrial problems that waste drilling mud can not be treated for environmental protection, mainly including: the problem that drilling mud is difficult to break gel; the problem of high cost of drilling sewage treatment; the problem of treatment of organic pollutants in solid phase.


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