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Research on the Solid Control System of 9000m Drilling Rig
source:admin time:2018-07-17
1. With the development of Drilling Rig towards deep well and ultra deep well, the supporting Drilling Fluid Solid Control System plays a more and more active role in drilling operation. The maintenance cost of drilling fluid and the whole drilling cost can be greatly reduced by adopting reasonable Solid Control Technology.

Solid Control System has become an important factor that directly affects safety, high quality, fast drilling, protection of oil and gas reservoir and fast transportation. It has been widely used in the world since the 1970s. The Solid-phase Control System mode of Shale Shaker + Desander + Desilter + Centrifuge has been developed and gradually improved in recent years, the Solid-phase Control Equipment such as Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, Mud Cleaner, Centrifuge and other equipment have been rapidly updated and developed.

At the same time, the Drilling Fluid Tank has also developed from Mud Pit and Steel Square Tank The process flow of Solid Control System is more reasonable with reasonable Drilling Fluid Tank at the bottom of circular arc. However, the exploration and development of oil and gas in ultra deep wells and complex wells, horizontal wells with large displacement and deviated wells also put forward higher requirements for the matching and flow of the drilling rig Solid Control System. According to the drilling requirements of ultra deep wells and complex wells, large displacement horizontal wells and high angle wells in the future in domestic and foreign oilfields, and according to the matching requirements of ZJ90DBS drilling rig exported to Indonesia, the Solid Control System of 9000 meter ultra deep well Drilling Rig is designed and developed.

The Drilling Rig is equipped with four 35 MPa High Pressure Mud Pumps, 3 HFF1600 Mud Pumps for operation and 1 HFF1600 Mud Pump for standby. The Solid Control System of ZJ90DBS Drilling Rig is composed of 8 Drilling Fluid Tanks with a total effective volume of 611 m3. The system conforms to the requirements of SY / T 6276, ISO / CD14690 petroleum and natural gas industry health, safety, environmental protection and environmental management system; the process flow and equipment conform to API 13C And relevant standards and specifications; the system is resistant to high temperature, explosion-proof, leakage and corrosion; the solid control system adopts five-level purification equipment including Shale Shaker, Vacuum Degasser, Desander, Desilter and Centrifuge, which can meet the process requirements of Drilling Fluid Circulation, Filling, Weighting, Drug Shearing and Accident Handling under special circumstances. The development of ZJ90DBS rig Solid Control System is based on the requirements of ultra deep well engineering design and ZJ90DBS.

1.Supply Tank 2. Shale Shaker Tank 3. Suction tank 4. Mud Laboratory 5. Agitator 6. Tripartite Medicine Tank
7. Slurry Mixing Tank 8. Drilling Fluid Agitator 9. Storage Tank I 10. Crane 11. Storage Tank II 12. Storage Tank III
13. Storage Tank IV 14. Medium Speed Centrifuge 15. Medium Speed Dual Frequency Conversion Centrifuge
16. Degasser 17. Sand Removal and Mud Removal Integrated Cleaner 18. Shale Shaker

The overall performance of the system meets the technical requirements of drilling operation with a depth of no more than 9000m. In the drilling operation, it is used to store and allocate drilling fluid, control the solid content in the drilling fluid, maintain and maintain the excellent performance of the drilling fluid, improve the drilling efficiency, and ensure that the design of the Solid Control System of the downhole safety ZJ90DBS drilling rig conforms to the plane layout, general design requirements and standard drilling fluid treatment of the drilling rig. The technological process can meet the requirements of bidding in domestic and foreign markets and the requirements of drilling technology. The basic configuration of ZJ90DBS drilling rig solid control system is shown in Table 1.

Table 1-basic configuration of ZJ90DBS Drilling Rig Solid Control System

2. Problems in the current Solid Control System of ultra deep Drilling Rigs

According to the matching situation of 5000m and 7000m drilling rig Solid Control System at home and abroad and the information fed back by users in recent years, the Solid Control System has the following problems:
① Unreasonable layout, such as type I layout and manifold built-in make the suction pipeline of the pump too long and the water feeding efficiency of the pump low;
② The Mud Tank design of the Drilling Fluid Tank is unreasonable, the slope is small, the fluidity of the high-density drilling fluid is poor, and dead angle is easy to exist;
③ The design of the Bottom Valve of the pressing plate type is insufficient, the suction port of the manifold is high, the seal is easy to fail, and it is not easy to replace;
④ When the high drilling fluid is used, the conventional weighted Mixing System cannot meet increased demand.

3.Development plan and measures for Solid Control System of ZJ90D Drilling Rig:

Through the analysis of the application of the 5000m drilling rig and 7000m drilling rig Solid Control System produced by the company in recent years in the domestic and foreign oil fields, the visit and inspection of the 9000m drilling rig Solid Control System in China, as well as the promotion and successful application of related technologies in the oil fields, and through the full research and analysis of the user technical agreement, the following development plans and measures are studied and demonstrated to meet the 9000m special requirements for Solid Control System in ultra deep well drilling.

(1) The volume and layout of the Drilling Fluid Tank and other requirements require that the capacity of the 
Drilling Fluid Tank shall be sufficient to accommodate the maximum circulation volume of the drilling fluid during the drilling process, and shall have sufficient reserve capacity. Generally speaking, for wells with a depth of 6000-8000m, the capacity of the Drilling Fluid Tank is not less than 270m3, and the capacity of the reserve tank is not less than 160 m3. The effective volume of 9000m Drilling Fluid Tank is generally 3000-3500bbl (489-570.5m3). Through research, calculation and communication with users, the effective volume of the 9000m Drilling Fluid Tank is determined to be 611m3. Under the condition of ensuring the configuration of conventional Circulation System, the Drilling Fluid Tank has sufficient reserve capacity, and the drilling fluid in the tank has the ability to participate in circulation at any time or the requirements for killing the well. The design of the Solid Control System conforms to the plane layout of the drilling rig, the general design requirements and the standard drilling fluid treatment process. At the same time, the Pump Suction Pipeline is built-in, which is convenient for relocation and saves installation time.
(2) The drilling fluid returned from the Wellbore in the purification process of the Solid Control System enters the Shale Shaker through the overflow pipe to remove large solid particles. The screened drilling fluid is collected in the Conical Grit Chamber of the Vibrating Screen Tank and flows into the Degassing Chamber, the Desanding Chamber, the Desliming Chamber and the Centrifuge Chamber in turn. In the Degasser, when the drilling fluid is changed by the gas invasion performance, it is necessary to start the degasser to degass the drilling fluid containing gas in the Degasser, and then discharge it into the Desander. If the performance of drilling fluid is good and there is no gas invasion, degassing treatment is not necessary, and the drilling fluid in the Cone-shaped Tank flows directly into the sand removal tank. In the Desander bin, the Desander feed Pump sucks the drilling fluid to supply the Desander, and the solid particles larger than 44-74 μm in the drilling fluid are removed through the Desander, and the desanded drilling fluid is discharged into the Desander bin. In the Desilter, the Supply Pump of the Desilter sucks the drilling fluid and supplies it to the Desilter. Through the Desilter, the solid particles larger than 15-44 μm in the drilling fluid are removed, and the drilling fluid after desilting is discharged into the Centrifuge bin. In the separation bin of medium speed and high-speed Centrifuges, two Liquid Supply Pumps of Centrifuges respectively suck the drilling fluid and supply it to the Centrifuges in turn. After the Centrifuges remove the solid particles larger than 2-15 μm from the drilling fluid and discharge them into the Suction Tank, the five-stage purification process of the drilling fluid is completed. The purified drilling fluid flows into Suction Tank, Slurry Mixing Tank, Reserve Tank I, Reserve Tank II, Reserve Tank III and Reserve Tank IV. Through the drilling fluid suction manifold, the three Drilling Pumps can respectively draw drilling fluid from the Suction Tank, Slurry Mixing Tank, Storage Tank I, Storage Tank II, Storage Tank III and Storage Tank IV and drive it into the wellbore.

(3) The Solid Control System of batching, weighting and shearing technological process the Solid Control System has designed the Batching and Mixing System at the back end of the Mixing Tank. The suction manifold of the Sand Pump and the Shear Pump can respectively draw mud from the Suction Tank, the Mixing Tank, the 
Storage Tank I, the sStorage Tank II, the Storage Tank III and the Storage Tank IV. after the mixing funnel, they can respectively draw mud to the Suction Tank, the Mixing Tank, the Storage Tank I and the Storage Tank II. Prepare mud in Storage Tank III and IV. The Mud Mixing System has designed independent suction and discharge manifolds for each of the above Drilling Fluid Tanks. The 2 Sand Pumps can be equipped with drilling fluid with different performance independently, or they can use the drilling fluid with the same performance jointly. A 2T crane is designed at the back end of the Mixing Tank, which is convenient to lift the weighting materials, improve the weighting efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers. A separate Shear Mixing System is designed at the back end of Storage Tank I, which is used to prepare polymer drilling fluid with high viscosity or difficult to Hydrolyze, so that it can be fully dissolved and mixed in the drilling fluid and effectively improve the performance of the drilling fluid. The Shear Pump is connected with the Sand Pump Suction Pipe of the Mixing Tank, and the discharge pipe of the mixing funnel is connected to each bin of the Storage Tank I and the Storage Tank II. After the mixing funnel, the drilling fluid can be respectively prepared to any bin of the Storage Tank I and the Storage Tank II.


(4) A low pressure rotary Mud Gun is designed for the Solid Control System of the working process of the Mud Gun.
The main line of low-pressure rotary 
Mud Gun is composed of Vibrating Screen Tank, Suction Tank, Mixing Tank, Storage Tank I, Storage Tank II, Storage Tank III and one side of the top frame of Storage Tank IV connected by union. All Sand Pump discharge pipes of the system are connected with the pipeline as the liquid power source of the low-pressure Mud Gun, so as long as any Sand Pump is started, the Mud Gun can work 3 hoses and 3 figs are used to connect the tanks.
The low-pressure rotary 
Mud Gun is composed of butterfly valve, rotating body and gun body. It is supplied by Sand Pump, Shear Pump or Make-up Pump. The Butterfly Valve controls the working state of the Mud Gun and the direction of the Mud Gun nozzle spraying the drilling fluid through the operating handle of the rotating body. The Mud Gun nozzle sprays the drilling fluid, sprints and stirs the solid particles of the drilling fluid deposited at the bottom of the tank.

(5) Add high-pressure shear manifold to carry out high-density drilling fluid weighted high-pressure shear manifold to carry out high-density drilling fluid high-pressure shear through Drilling Pump and high-pressure Shear Device. When using high-density drilling fluid, when the effect of using conventional weighting mixing device is not obvious, the system can shear high-pressure through high-pressure shear manifold, shear high-density drilling fluid in each compartment through 2 high-pressure pipeline between tee branch pipeline and high-pressure shear manifold on high-pressure manifold of Drilling Pump, and Pressure Gauge and safety Valve are set on high-pressure pipeline. The working pressure can reach 21-35 MPa.

(6) System Water Supply Process
The system provides two Water Supply Pipelines, i.e. fresh Water Pipeline and salt Water Pipeline. The user uses one or two according to the water source situation on site.
The fresh water pipeline equipped with mud in the system consists of Shale Shaker Tank, Suction Tank, Slurry Mixing Tank, Storage Tank I, 
Storage Tank II, Storage Tank III, and the other side of the top rack of Storage Tank IV, which passes through 3 hoses connected with fig100 Union, each tank is designed with 2 water inlet. The water inlet interface of the clean water pipeline is designed in the middle of the Mixing Tank. The water source comes from the Water Supply System of the drilling rig and is connected with the water tank through the hose.
A separate brine pipeline is designed for the system, which is composed of 3 hose and fig100 Union. Each tank is designed with 2" water inlet. The water inlet interface of brine pipeline is designed in the middle of the mixing tank. The water source comes from the water supply system of the drilling rig and is connected with the water tank through the hose.

(7) Structure of drilling fluid tank
At present, the company has generally used the best scheme of circular arc bottom Drilling Fluid Tank, which is not conducive to sand settling, making the Agitator mix more fully, reducing the dead angle of the tank, and facilitating sand cleaning; at the same time, it improves the effective volume of the Drilling Fluid Tank, and is also conducive to the layout and transportation of external pipelines.
The H-shaped steel is used as the main beam of the base, which is made into a uniform size oil field and mining area self-propelled trailer mounted bottom skid. The side plate is tile Shaped Steel Plate with arc bottom structure. The top frame is made of square pipes, which are Drilling Fluid Pipelines and System Water Pipelines respectively.
The Drilling Fluid Circulating Tank is distributed on one side or the end of the tank with a gradient of more than 2%. The design and trend of mud aqueduct meet the mobility of high-density drilling fluid, which can reach any compartment through Circulation Tank.
At present, Pressure Plate Bottom Valve is widely used in the company's Solid Control System, but the design of the Bottom Valve is defective, the Seal is easy to fail, the Sealing Rubber is easy to be inhaled into the pipeline, the suction height of the pipeline is too high, the site is not practical, and the sealing rubber is not easy to be replaced after damage. This scheme is not suitable for the needs of drilling site. For this problem, refer to foreign 
Bottom Valve products (such as Nabor Bottom Valve) is a stainless steel Cone-shaped Bottom Valve. The specific scheme is to open an opening at the bottom and upper part of the pipeline where the bottom valve needs to be added. The lower opening is welded with a Cone-shaped Valve seat with a Cone-shaped Bell Mouth, and the Cone-Shaped Valve Body (with a Sealing Ring) is inside the Cone-shaped Mouth. The Valve body is lifted through the hand wheel screw rod on the tank surface to control the opening of the Bottom Valve. The upper opening of the Mud Pipeline is welded with Steel Pipe which can be used for lifting the screw rod, and the Steel Pipe extends to the tank surface. Because of its reasonable design, convenient replacement, long service life and easy replacement of sealing ring, the cone-shaped Bottom Valve has been widely used in foreign countries.


Development and development of Solid Control System for 4 ultra deep well Drilling Rig:

(1) Increase the thermal insulation shed of 
Solid Control System so that the Solid Control System can work in low temperature environment.
Due to the long drilling cycle of ultra deep well, high inclination and large displacement horizontal well, the 
Drilling Rig should work normally at the ambient temperature of - 35 ~ + 50 ℃, so the Drilling Rig Solid Control System can conduct overall insulation according to the user's requirements and the insulation requirements of polar Drilling Rig. The thermal insulation of Solid Control System is very important for normal drilling production.

The Drilling Fluid Tank of 
Solid Control System shall be equipped with insulation pipeline. Two 3 heat preservation pipelines (thick wall Oil Pipes) are installed at the lower part of each tank along the length direction of the tank. The pipeline surface is coated with anti-corrosion coating, and the pressure level meets the requirements of relevant safety standards. The insulation pipeline shall avoid the sand cleaning door and other pipelines. The thermal insulation shed adopts quick loading and unloading structure, unified size standard, to ensure the interchangeability of any two pieces. The design of the thermal insulation shed meets the relevant safety standards.

(2) According to the drilling demand of Auxiliary Well, Buffer Tank, Slurry Pump and manifold are added, and the Purification System of Solid Control System is shifted in the well pad along with the drilling rig base, which can be shifted 0-50m, meeting the demand of drilling multiple wells without moving most equipment.

Solid Control System of ZJ90DBS drilling rig has reasonable process flow, relatively large solid control capacity and processing capacity of drilling fluid, which can meet the requirements of solid control system for ultra deep wells and complex wells, large displacement horizontal wells, high angle wells and high pressure gas wells in other areas. The successful development of the Solid Control System of ZJ90DB drilling rig of the company has certain reference significance for the design and matching of the Solid Control System of 12000 m and 15000 m ultra deep drilling rigs.

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