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Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas sent Solid Control Accessories to the Middle East Drilling Site
source:admin time:2019-12-02
In November 2019, the Desander, Desilter, Cast Iron Hydrocyclone, Pure Polyurethane Hydrocyclone and Shaker Screen produced by Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. have been sent to the drilling site in the Middle East Region to support the drilling work. Now, the equipment has been in use after acceptance by the customer. The customer is very satisfied with Huayang's manufacturing. From order negotiation to technology connection, from production to logistics delivery, the customer gives great affirmation to Huayang's technology, ability and speed.


The Hydrocyclone of Desander and Desilter produced by Huayang is made of Pure Polyurethane or high chromium Cast Iron, and the Hydrocyclone is connected by Clamps for easy disassembly. Ball Valve can be installed at the inlet and outlet of the Hydrocyclone, and the number of working Hydrocyclones can be selected independently. At the same time, it can be adjusted independently according to the needs of the drilling site to provide assistance for the smooth drilling work.

Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a dynamic, capable and confident self-produced and self-selling start-up company. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to serving customers. Customer satisfaction is our driving force for thinking, providing customers with high-quality and efficient products and services.


Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Mud Solid Control Equipment, Mud Non Landing System, Construction Piling, Shield System.

Thank you again for your trust in Huayang.

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