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Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Desander and Agitator are sent to the Drilling Construction Site of An Oilfield
source:admin time:2018-06-04
The weather is very hot and the sunlight is sprinkling to the ground. After half a month's work all night, 2 Mud Desanders and 1 Mud Agitator, at the request of customers, we finished all the work from design to production on the evening of May 31th, and successfully sent to the drilling construction site of an oil field on June 1st.

Mud Desander is the third level Solid-liquid Separation Equipment for Drilling Solid Control. The Desander is composed of Hydrocyclone, Vibration Motor, Spring, Support and Shaker Screen. The Shaker Screen Mesh adopts soft ditch Side Screen. The principle is to make the light weight liquid of mud float up and the heavy solid phase sink through the swirl principle, so as to achieve the effect of Solid-liquid Separation.



This time, the customer ordered a Hydrocyclone with processing capacity of 240m³ / h composed of two 250 Hydrocyclones. For more information go to Desander Parameters.

Huayang people always take customers first, quality first as our management idea and quality assurance.

Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in various oilfield equipment and other energy-saving and environmental protection products under development, such as Solid Control System, Mud Non-landing System, Building Piling and Desanding System, Shield Mud Treatment System, HDD Mud Treatment System, Solid Control Accessories, Mud Pump Accessories, Drilling Rig Accessories, etc.

Xi'an Huayang Oil and Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich experience in design and manufacture of oil drilling equipment and oilfield service ability. According to the requirements of different customers and strata, we can design different solutions.

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