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Piston rod
source:admin time:2018-12-17

The piston rod is the main accessory connecting the power end and the hydraulic end of the drilling mud pump, and it is also one of the vulnerable parts of the drilling pump. Piston rod, intermediate rod and intermediate rod are forged from alloy steel. After heat treatment, the product strength is improved. After numerical control processing, the surface treatment is galvanized, nickel plated or chrome plated for decoration, which can meet different requirements of customers. The piston assembly is the main part of the hydraulic end of the mud pump. The discharge pressure of the mud pump is generated by the reciprocating straight-line movement of the piston assembly in the cylinder liner. The large end of the piston rod is linked with the power end of the mud pump through the clamp to transfer the kinetic energy; the small end is installed with the piston, and the reciprocating straight-line movement is set in the cylinder liner to generate the pressure. Small piston - large pressure and small flow; large piston - small pressure and large flow.
Our company can produce F series and 3Nb series drilling pump piston rod of various specifications (metric system and British system), material 42CrMo.
Our products have passed API 7K certification of American Petroleum Association, and the quality of our products has reached the international and domestic leading level, and won the praise of customers at home and abroad.


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