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Zirconia ceramic cylinder liner
source:admin time:2018-12-18


Mud pump is the "heart" of oil field drilling system, and the liner of mud pump is an important wearing part of the hydraulic end of mud pump, so the life of liner of mud pump directly affects the life of mud pump. Because the working surface of cylinder liner is in contact with high temperature and high pressure gas, there is a high-speed reciprocating motion of piston ring on its surface, which determines that the cylinder liner must not only have enough strength and rigidity, but also be resistant to high temperature, corrosion and wear.

With the continuous expansion of the exploitation scope of global oil and gas resources, a large number of metal cylinder liners are frequently replaced, which are difficult to meet the requirements of high pressure and wear of drilling rigs. Ceramic cylinder liners are made of zirconia, zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) and high-performance a-99 alumina ceramics. The raw materials are made of high-purity nano zirconia and alumina powder, which are formed in one step by advanced cold pressing process, sintered at high temperature, assembled and finally polished with high precision. They have high bending and tensile strength, high fracture toughness and acid alkali corrosion resistance.


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